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Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT offers dynamic total body fitness workouts and practical self-defense training in Glenbrook - Stamford, CT.

Martial Arts for Fitness and Fun

Martial arts blend the best of team activities with self-improvement. Stop plodding on the treadmill and get a full-body workout with martial arts instead. Not only will you have more fun, you'll also learn valuable self-defense skills and meet new friends. Here at Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT, we make martial arts fun for everyone.

Martial Arts for Beginners

Our instructors at Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT welcome novices of any age to our introductory martial arts classes. We place new members in classes based on their age and level of experience, so whether you're taking classes yourself or enrolling your child, we have the right class for you. Kids just entering the world of martial arts will discover a growing sense of pride in their accomplishments as they learn the basics of Karate, Tang Soo Do and more. Adult beginners get a great physical workout that feels more like play than like a dull fitness routine. Kids and adults can feel comfortable in classes geared to their level.

Continuing Martial Arts

Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT goes well beyond beginning courses. We've seen hundreds of novices transform into experts, so we offer a range of classes for continuing martial arts students of all ages. We know you'll grow, so we make plenty of room for that growth with expert instructors who have practiced martial arts for years. Our classes also let kids stay with the friends they made when they first joined us, giving them a sense of community and continuity as they grow older and more accomplished in martial arts training.

Martial Arts for the Self

Martial arts disciplines rely on a strong self, both physically and mentally. Building that strength is fun and exciting, but it also serves a purpose. Martial arts enhance your physical strength through full-body exercise; you'll build lean, but powerful muscle and sturdier bones through regular martial arts practice. Along with a healthier, stronger body, martial arts build a stronger sense of self-esteem. Feeling powerful and capable through martial arts lets kids and adults tap into a deep reserve of self-worth. Teach adolescents to take pride in what their bodies can do, not just how they look, to build lasting self-esteem.

While martial arts can also be competitive, ultimately they develop the self in a number of ways. Another important aspect of the self also comes from martial arts: self-defense. Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT teaches kids and adults how to defend themselves from danger. Knowing that you're never defenseless enhances confidence and reduces anxiety even if you never have to call upon your martial arts experience.

Through martial arts, kids and adults improve five vital aspects of the self:

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-control
  • Self-respect
  • Self-defense

Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT's expert trainers know that developing the internal strength that martial arts can give is as important as building physical strength. Even better, our students have fun as they learn.

Martial Arts as a Social Activity

Martial arts classes may develop the self, but they also involve other people. They're social events, not just solo workouts. No workout DVD can build social relationships like shared martial arts class environment. Our classes are full of like-minded students of the martial arts, so you and your kids will find Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT a source of social interaction too.

Here at Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT, we know that play is as important as work. We offer fun activities that go beyond the physical elements of martial arts to foster a sense of community with other students:

  • Movie Nights
  • Buddy Nights
  • Holiday Parties
  • Parents' Nights Out

We also host "Kick'n Kids" birthday parties that offer a learning experience wrapped up in a party atmosphere. Fun challenges and good-natured competitions keep things exciting for our students.

Start today and contact Glenbrook Martial Arts and Kids Karate of Stamford, CT at 203-788-8647. We'll be happy to arrange a tour, invite you to a free trial class or introduce you to our expert staff.